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Passionfruit , Black Currant , Blood Orange

Peach , Juicy Pear , Jasmine , Iris , Vanilla , Brown Sugar , Tonka

Blond woods , Vanilla Bean , Musk , Creamy Sandalwood , Sea Amber

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5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball, 20ml in gold travel sprayer

Reviews 6

6 reviews for Narco Oasis

Mheenan1 (verified owner)

Signature scent worthy. This is an amazing fruity slightly creamy scent however you don’t lose the fruit in the dry down. The musk is amazing as it is slightly hidden in the dry down with a blend of the top notes, vanilla and sandlewood. Bought the 50ml now getting the 100ml and oil.

nsamm2011 (verified owner)

This scent is so addictive! The fruit is juicy. The Brown sugar is sweet but not cloying. The base is smooth and well blended. In the dry down you don’t loose the fruit! It says through out but becomes blended with the base notes. So it’s not a linear scent. Travis and the team did a great job with this one! I’ve never smelled the OG and now I really don’t need to. Only regret is that I only have a 15ml. I plan to use this periodically through the winter when I need a pick me up scent and will most definitely purchase a larger bottle in the Spring. Thanks Dapper!!


Just WOW!! Well done Dapper!!

Kremer626 (verified owner)

I have the OG and this is 95% spot on!! Only difference is Dapper makes theirs slighty more fruity without as much sugar/vanilla but I’m not complaining because it’s perfect for summer! I can’t get enough of this Hawaiian Punch scent.

Kayla (verified owner)

i was looking for a new summer scent and bought this as a blind buy! IT SMELLS LIKE FRUIT PUNCH 😍😍 i haven’t smelled the original but i don’t care to now… this is amazing. i smell like fruity sweet Hawaiian Punch 😋 i think this is the perfect scent for a pool day. super yummy 🍑🍍🍓😋

Melissa7 (verified owner)

Not to be dramatic but this is the most heavenly, decadent, and intoxicating fruity perfumes I have ever smelled. It reminds me of eating fresh pink guavas in the summer…. But grown and sexy. Wow!!!

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