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Top notes are Coconut Milk and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Caramel, White Flowers and Jasmine; base notes are Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Precious Woods, Musk and Amber.

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5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball, 20ml gold travel spray (refillable)

Reviews 12

12 reviews for Morph Disumano

Mary (verified owner)

Sweet coconut goodness w/ a hint of citrus. This is the first and probably only, coconut fragrance I own and have integrated into my collection. It has a slight bit of powderness, but it’s the perfect summer gourmand!

Sandi Williams

I love this! It’s a very sweet, effervescent coconut scent and the dry-down becomes incredibly rich, creamy and yummy…almost marshmallow-y but not. My friend had a sample of the inspiration scent and I tried them side-by-side and I honestly preferred the Dapper. It had a little more kick somehow. Awesome!

Afaf Abdur-Rahman (verified owner)

I’m not sure why I’m just hearing about Dapper, but I’m here to say that you have a loyal customer! The shipping, the bottles and the quality of the fragrances are top tier. This heavenly coconuty goodness is my favorite coconut scent, hands down. So, so good. I actually need a bigger bottle!


This smells incredible. I haven’t tried the original but I got this as a sample with my order and I can’t stop smelling it. Perfect summer scent. Will be ordering a full size.

Caroline Schwind

I bought a 15 ml off someone in the group and I will be investing in at least a 30 ml. I did apply heavily this morning and it lasted throughout the work day. I respritzed on my ride home because it’s just such an awesome scent. I had a small sample of the original and the dapper version is better. Full stop, no cap, dead a$$, I’m using all my idioms because what the Dapper version has that the OG lacks is smoothness. I don’t mess with white florals that screech because my skin amps that up. This is a beautifully blended coconut, caramel, musk, powder, with subtle white flowers. I usually don’t care for powder unless it’s candy powder (like in oriana). Maybe the powder helps round out the edges, Travis would know lol! This scent is both office appropriate, comforting for bed time, and could work for a day at the beach or a night out. It’s really versatile. It’s a feminine leaning unisex if that scale helps you.

indiekicks (verified owner)

Sweet but not sickeningly so. A gourmand lover’s dream!

Heather (verified owner)

Beautiful fragrance..sophisticated yet sweet.

Renee Tovbin (verified owner)

I am absolutely in love with this fragrance.
It’s so good.

Anne (verified owner)

I was looking for a creamy coconut fragrance and someone suggested Morph Disumano. I looked it up and could only get it from Jovoy in France. I wasn’t about to spend 145 euros plus an addition 45 euros for shipping on a fragrance I wasn’t even sure I was going to like. I saw that Dapper carried a dupe and was like what the heck! I ordered and it was shipped out the next day and I received it super quick. The fragrance is delightful. A beautiful blend of coconut, orange, jasmine, caramel and musk. It dries down a bit powdery but it’s beautiful. I will be enjoying this scent so much in the warmer weather. Dapper did a great job blending this fragrance and k have no need to smell the OG! Thank you Dapper for recreating this and making it such a gorgeous scent!

vanilla bean (verified owner)

I feel like I have mixed feelings about this one. I do like it. However, sometimes the white flowers smell strong to my nose and mixed with the edible gourmand-ness of the rest of the fragrance, it makes me a little nauseaus. HOWEVER!!!
However, I am giving this a 4 stars because I am able to make it work for me when paired with PINK’s Spiced Vanilla body lotion. That lotion has vanilla woods, cadamom and coconut flakes and to me it smells exactly like arroz con leche, and sometimes the coconut pulls strong and it really brings out more of the coconut in this perfume, which really subdues the florals for me. 🙂

vanilla bean (verified owner)

Had to give another review for this baby because boy did it change and surprise me!!!!
I originally gave this a 4 stars because the floral was a little strong to my nose but after having this opened for a while, it has completely changed!!! FOR THE BETTER
I did not originally even smell any coconut before 🙁 which is what i wanted when i purchased it. I DO NOW!!! I SMELL THE COCONUT and the florals are almost barely there in the background to me now. I LOVEEE THIS, FREAKING LOVE THIS. this has joined to be in my top 5 from dappers. Although the bf has commented that it smells a little like the bum bum cream and I have to agree! now it does give me like a similar feel to the bum bum cream.

Julian Lopez (verified owner)

It’s great! I have not smelled the original, but this smells like a more spring/summer-friendly version of Bianco Latte and Dulce by Rosie Jane. It has that great caramel-vanilla cloud goodness but with coconut and some citrus in the back keeping it from being too sweet!

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