Maison Mataha Escapade Gourmande


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Reviews 52

Compare To The Aroma Of Escapade Gourmand

Top note is Sugar Cane; middle notes are Vanilla and Tonka Bean; base notes are Benzoin and Musk.

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5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball, 20ml refillable gold travel sprayer

Reviews 52

52 reviews for Maison Mataha Escapade Gourmande

Bianca (verified owner)

Love this vanilla!! It’s sweet yet sexy and warm. I was struggling to find a vanilla that was appropriate for an adult woman as opposed to something that my daughter would wear and this definitely hit the mark


Wow!! I bought the 100 ml of this without trying it first, and I do not regret it! It’s such a sweet and delicious vanilla scent. Definitely recommend if you love sweet gourmands!

Kara Williams (verified owner)

I don’t even know what the original smells like tbh, but I’ve heard great things.. but this is absolutely amazing! Not only was shipping super fast, but the smell lingers for hours and hours AND hours and smells so edible. My boyfriend literally told me that I smell like a slut.. LMAO. I know that sounds bad, but it’s a total compliment from him! He could not stop sniffing my neck! I will definitely keep buying this. I just purchased 4 more scents! Can’t wait!

Malia (verified owner)

WHEN I TELL YOU THIS IS SPOT ONNN!! i have samples of escapade gourmande and i sprayed the Dapper version and immediately fell in LOVE!! shipping was so so fast and they also sent me a few samples to try out!! Thank you so much, i’m a very happy customer and when this runs out i will be back😂🤍

Nikki (verified owner)

I have a sample of the original and this is spot on in the dry down. At first there is more of a smell of amber, to my nose smells like an almond note even though there is no almond. Then the dry down is completely the same, actually better because it is stronger of a scent! The original one on me doesn’t last becomes more of a skin sent in an hour. This one is amazing, projects, yum yum. The only thing I’m pissed about is that I didn’t know you could but this in a 100ml, once I finish my 50ml I’m going to get the big one! Also the bottle looks lux! I’m so happy dapper created this dupe!

Mercy (verified owner)

I have a sample of the original and just received this (ordered Friday and received Monday!!) it is so good! It smells EXACTLY like the original. Like put them on each arm and can’t tell the difference on initial sniff. I would say it just doesn’t last as long, maybe get about 3 hour wear with a scent trail. But already repurchasing a bottle!

Natasha Blackman (verified owner)

Fast shipping ordered Tuesday and received by Thursday. I never ordered the original so I don’t know the difference but this smells beautiful I love it. I can’t stop smelling myself. I can’t wait to wear and find a perfume to pair with. I received samples and more I’m happy. I will definitely repurchase.

Jacqueline Merino

Beautiful fragrance. I’m a gourmand lover and this layers well with absolutely everything. The projection is everything, and the smell gets stronger after awhile and I get about 6 hours of wear from it. It’s affordable so I don’t mind reapplying! I wish there was variety in the perfume bottles cause I would definitely be interested in building a collection of Dapper Fragrances.

Bekkah (verified owner)

Oh my GOODNESS, this is so good. I cannot stop smelling my wrist. It is warm and delicious. It is so so good. FOREVER repurchase!

Destanie (verified owner)

Absolutely addicted to this scent! Last quite a while on the skin and projects well. Such a beautiful vanilla! I will for sure repurchase over and over again as long as it’s available. Well done Dapper!

SM (verified owner)

This smells exactly like lucky charms marshmallows, or an oldddd Victoria’s Secret body mist called Slice of Cake. It is delicious and sweet, but not an exact dupe of escapade gourmand.

Meredith A Keeley (verified owner)

All that I have to say is that this is EVERYTHING! I have the original and I wore it alongside the dapper version. I literally could not tell the difference with the exception that DAPPER LASTED LONGER! This is absolutely HEAVEN. I also got the Tihota by Indult 30 ml. Another spot on dupe! The quality and longevity are amazing. I really feel like I am getting every bit the luxury and quality without paying for the name. Will definitely be purchasing more scents.

octavia campbell (verified owner)

Such a beautiful, sweet, vanilla fragrance. I was so shocked by the longevity. It lingered for hoursssss. I was so shocked. As someone who had a sample of the original, I can tell you that this is a phenomenal dupe. I will definitely be purchasing again. The largest size of course! (verified owner)

This right here is fantastic! Love the vanilla in it, and is going to be a staple for the cooler months.

Mheenan1 (verified owner)

This is gorgeous! Warm vanilla sexy scent. I bout the 50 and oil based off all the hype on tictok and now I want the 100. I sprayed out the tube and let it sit for maybe a week- it just keeps getting better. I highly recommend the oil as well. Makes me want to buy the OG but I know I will be so mad if it doesn’t perform as well as Dapper’s.

Mheenan1 (verified owner)

Spicy/powdery/sweet sexy vanilla. Believe the hype, this one should be a dapper staple.

Rachel (verified owner)

I am blown away by how much this smells like the original, I had a decant of Escapade Gourmand and I fell in love but it is pricey for a full bottle of the original. I am so thankful that this company creates such incredible fragrances that are affordable and long-lasting, I will be a returning customer for many years to come!

Matilde (verified owner)

The only thing I regret was not buying the 50ml bottle. This smells absolutely delicious

Skye Boreham (verified owner)

The most ADDICTING sweet vanilla scent, i literally can’t stop smelling myself. The dry down smells like creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled with condensed milk- sexy but also feels like you’re getting a warm hug. My new favorite for sure!

Kailynn (verified owner)

Literally so many compliments people keep asking me where to buy the perfume! Sprayed it on me at like 12 PM and it’s 8 PM and I still smell it. I sprayed it on my friend and she told me she kept sniffing her arm when she went home at night. This is really worth the hype!!

erica1978 (verified owner)

Do not hesitate to get this! It smells exactly like the original! It even lasts a lot longer. I purchased 1 bottle at first…and immediately purchased 2 more of the 50ml. A little goes a long way. You will receive a ton of compliments when wearing this. 5 stars!

Hannah (verified owner)

This fragrance is to die for! I have not smelled the original but it’s been on my list of perfumes I want to buy for awhile. I saw a TikTok video about the Dapper fragrance being spot on and I’m so glad I bought this version. It smells insanely good, so warm and vanilla-y and delicious. I will definitely buy again once I’m out!

This was my first time buying from Dapper and the shipping was super fast too!

Victoria J. (verified owner)

It’s very close to the original, I would say about 90% accurate. Very pleased with this dupe!

Noelia (verified owner)

Never smelled the og Escapade Gourmande but I’m perfectly okay with that because this smells SO good. Gourmands aren’t normally what I gravitate towards but I heard a lot of really good reviews on this and I don’t mind a yummy vanilla every now and then. It’s beautiful and smells edible, but NOT juvenile. It smells like a sexy woman. And the projection is awesome. Not mention phenomenal customer service; I had a shipping issue and it was resolved promptly and without haste. For this price point, can’t beat it.

Lady CC (verified owner)

Wow! The TikTok girlies was spot on with this one. I’m glad I bought it. This will be in heavy rotation this fall. I’m glad because when I compared the OG and this.. Dapper outlasts!

Kelsi’ Taylor (verified owner)

I have the original Escapade Gourmade and I must say this dupe is spot on! I will be getting a bigger bottle. The samples I received were both gourmand scents and I feel like they paid attention to my scent preference, I love that. Additionally, I forgot to add my apartment number to my address and the customer service was exceptional with helping me get the issue fixed. You have me as a repeat customer.

Amy (verified owner)

I got the 20ml sprayer and the mist is AWESOME. This smells deeper and stronger than the original for me! I love that this does not have the woodiness or spiciness note on me, it just smells like sweet vanilla with a touch of powderiness! I really appreciated how Dapper sent me 2 samples too, amazing price and quality! I am going to try the Dapper Original Vanilla Dream next since I loveee sweet vanilla scents!

Miranda broman (verified owner)

Wow. Smells almost exactly like escapade gourmande. Slightly different before the dry down.. but once it dries down there is no difference at all.

This perfume is STRONG. Go easy on the sprays. It will last until you wash it off with soap and water. (verified owner)

This perfume is an exact match to the original but with remarkable staying power, and it won’t break the bank at over $200. It’s one of the best dupes I’ve ever come across. I bought this and came back to write the review.

Maya (verified owner)

This is sugary sweet goodness! Awesome year round vanilla! Will definitely be buying a bigger bottle.

Uluvmeeks_83 (verified owner)

Smells so good just like a Strong Vanilla! I love it. Shipping was fast too!

Elizabeth Murillo (verified owner)

My favorite vanilla scent so far. I didn’t think it was anything special at first but I grew to love it. And letting it sit for a while, it became even better. It just doesn’t last too long on me.

Jacqueline Valdez (verified owner)

Beautiful. The 30ml didn’t leak but the travel Spray did so I would recommend getting the insurance. I got the Bianco Latte and Escapade Gourmande (the travel spray was EG and it was super crystallized).

SEA (verified owner)

This is a really excellent clone of escapade gourmande. If you don’t want to drop over $200 for the original, I highly encourage you to try this. It’s a Sweet, whipped cream cloud. Staying power is about four hours on my skin

Angela (verified owner)

Never smelled the original, but I do love this scent. It had to grow on me. There is a bit of a burnt sugar smell in the opening. But once that sries down I could eat thus stuff its so yummy. Doesnt lsst as long as I would like. Will probably buy a travel kit for resprays or a smaller purse size.

Roshelle (verified owner)

So at first this fragrance smelled dusty, don’t know what it was but I was so disappointed. This stayed in my drawer for like 3 days, decided to give it another try and guys I was obsessed! I think it just needed to sit (macerate in the dark). I heard it’s better than the original. Definitely buying a 100 ml and most definitely recommend!!

June (verified owner)

I came back to buy a 30mL I feel like its worth the money honestly.

Raspberry (verified owner)

As a gourmand lover I was disappointed at first sniff and didn’t fall in love with this fragrance, but after I let it sit on my skin the dry down is incredible. I absolutely loveee it!!!, It is very sweet and you can definitely smell the caramel, It also lasts for hours.


INCREDIBLE! Came back to buy larger sizes and a rollerball. I never want to be without it. I also purchased some for my mother who love vanilla as well. PLEASE RESTOCK THE LOTION. CAN NOT WAOT TO TRY IT 😂

Dany (verified owner)

Smells like vanilla and seriously such a good purchase.

Krista (verified owner)

I can’t believe how goodntjosvdmells I also got the Bianca latte-can’t wait for it to get here and an oil of each. Dapper is my new go to fragrance line.

Valerie Sanchez (verified owner)

Absolutely DELICIOUS, oh my gosh. I’ve been searching for a good vanilla scent for so long and this one is just 😍 Dapper did an amazing job with it and it’s affordable and extremely long lasting. Will definitely buy again

vanilla bean (verified owner)

I have never smelled the real Escapade Gourmande, but to me this is a very thick burnt sugar, very very bread-y smell. I have only had it for a few weeks so maybe it will change over time. As it dries down, the burnt smell does mellow out into a creamy vanilla. It is not my absolute favorite from Dapper, but I love to pair this with their Ginger Biscuit because that one is a little lighter, and a little more fresh from the ginger so it tones down the thick burnt sugar caramelized bready smell. Like but not a love.

bellashannon5555 (verified owner)

I’m so sad. While this is obviously amazing, sweet and beautiful, like MOST vanilla’s, I get playdough my skin. The dry down not so much but at first that’s what I get…plastic and playdough. Out of all of my new Dapper frags, this one I struggle with and I seem to be the only one!!! WHYYYYY?!!

Audrey Mazur (verified owner)

I wanted to love this so bad and was rly excited for it to arrive. When I first sprayed it, it smelled mostly of smoke. About an hour later it just smelled like rly strong sugar. I don’t understand the hype on this but maybe it’s just not my style 🙂

A.Oxford (verified owner)

4.5 STAR. I will always reorder this. Smells amazing sweet but grown. Paired with Tihota , chefs kiss. I wish it lasted longer but a touch up after 4-6 hours is reasonable considering the price. Projection is just enough. People don’t have to be too close to you , and the scent lingers on fabric for days.

Britanny (verified owner)

100/10! I always get compliments when I wear this! It’s a very mature, sexy vanilla, not a cheap one…doesn’t smell like any other vanilla perfume I’ve smelled.

Sheila melchiorre (verified owner)

This! Oh my! I will forever order this & it is a spot on dupe for the escapade gourmand. Just delish💕

Dee (verified owner)

I have gotten more compliments on this scent than any I have ever worn. It is really beautiful. Highly recommend. 10/10

Melanie (verified owner)

This is my most complimented perfume. A warm vanilla that projects without being overpowering. Rebuying this now cause I love it so much.

Brooke Caldwell (verified owner)

I honestly don’t know what the original smells like but I really don’t care! This is amazing. Sweet sexy vanilla! I’ll be buying more.

Kristy R. (verified owner)

1000/10 I actually have the original and I do not like it at all, but I tried the Dapper version and I’m absolutely so in love I’m already on my 2nd bottle and this will 💯% forever be a staple in my perfume collection. THE MOST PHENOMENAL VANILLA SCENT YOU WILL EVER SMELL, I PROMISE!!! 💋💕 Chefs kissssss!!!!!

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