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Top notes are Pistachio, Ice cream, Bergamot, Hazelnut, Rum and Cardamom; middle notes are Lily-of-the-Valley, Pear, Peony, Jasmine, Geranium, Raspberry and White Peach; base notes are Whipped Cream, Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Loukhoum, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Cedar and Cacao.

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20ml refillable Gold Travel Sprayer, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball

Reviews 13

13 reviews for Kay Ali Yum Pistachio Gelato


Received a sample of Yum in my order, I have the original and this is spot on!

Laura Closure

I just got a sample & am ordering NOW‼️

Tatiana (verified owner)

Love this one!

Denise (verified owner)

Also received a sample of this with my order, and now I’m definitely ordering! I had a sample of the real Yum Pistachio, and it smelled just like it. I love the longevity of this one. Ordered placed! 🙂

Meredith A Keeley

I received a sample with my order. I did not think that I would like a pistachio scent but, I do love gourmands. This is a sweet, vanilla musky scent at first spray but the delicious pistachio scent really comes through. Sweet and delicious! Love it!

Kyle Alvarez (verified owner)

I bought a sample of yum pistachio and I fell in love with it but I didnt really wanna pay the price for it. I couldn’t find anyone making an affordable version until someone told me about Dapper. It smells identical but much longer lasting. Highly recommend 10/10!

Jessica (verified owner)

I just can’t believe how good this is. I’m wearing Dapper on one hand and Yum Pistachio on the other and it is indistinguishable to me. The top, mid and base notes are even evolving at the same times. Often with dupes, you have to wait for the dry down to get the closest similarity to the OG, but not in this case. I can’t speak to longevity, I’m sure it’s great as I’ve experienced with previous purchases…..I was just in such shock I had to rave about this product.

sherri (verified owner)

I loved the original but did not love the price so I looked for dupes. DUA was a no go and too nutty. When I smelled this I was in heaven and I compared it to the original. This version has a better projection and last longer because the original does not last long for it to be so expensive. In fact I loved this version better than the original. I will be coming back for more.

Morgan Tittle (verified owner)

Spot on to Kay Ali pistachio! Very sweet & nutty. I love it!!

Elizabeth Dampier (verified owner)

Just GET it! Another must have that’s a 100/10! Lasts so long and is like creamy, cotton candy, pistachio ice cream realness. Each note plays so beautifully together! Masterpiece

steph@beckettcode.com (verified owner)

I’ve had the original from Kay Ali and this is a 100% match. It smells amazing and last longer.

dlmarker73@yahoo.com (verified owner)

This scent is really good. I like it best on the dry down. I love the original Kay Ali version and have a small bottle but didn’t want to pay that price. I was looking at a different dupe brand, but heard this one was better, especially with longevity. This one does last pretty long on my skin and will definitely buy a new one when I’m out of this size that I bought.

SherylWilliams (verified owner)

I’m a believer!! I had a sample of the original Yum Pistachio – and while I loved the scent, it didn’t last long. I struck out with another dupe house’s version and then, after learning about Dapper from a YouTube review of Vanilla Dream, I went to the Dapper website and was amazed that they had SO many of the scents I love that I haven’t seen anywhere else! So I bought several samples. Man….I took a whiff of that very first spray of this, and I could not BELIEVE how AMAZING it was. And this isn’t hype. I don’t do hype for hype’s sake. This is for REAL. The projection is fantastic, for hours, and I don’t have to go looking for my fragrance. It’s sweet, creamy, fluffy and nutty….it’s there with me ALL day long, and I LOVE IT! I placed my first order on 10/30/23, have placed two more since then (and have purchased some as Christmas gifts), and now I’m about to make my 4th order in the last two months. This house is AMAZING, and I’d love to be a part of giving them the air time they deserve!

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