Jousset Creme de la Berry


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Top notes are Cheesecake, Strawberry and Vanilla; middle notes are Vanilla, Whipped Cream and Sandalwood; base notes are Vanilla and Styrax.

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5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball, 20ml refillable gold travel sprayer

Reviews 5

5 reviews for Jousset Creme de la Berry

Angela (verified owner)

There is an odd guessing the styrax that is not pleasant in the opening. But after about 10 minutes it just smells like delicious, strawberry cereal milk. Which is what I have read the original smells like. I really love this after it settles.

Dany (verified owner)

The opening note is a bit like cough syrup but the dry down is pretty good. Smells like fruit pebbles in milk

Gwendydd45 (verified owner)

The initial berry blast with cheesecake note is a bit strong on 1st blast. I’ve worked with stryax it’s a sticky gummy scent but thankfully the woods and creamy sandalwood keeps it in check. The vanilla is very nice it holds onto strawberry and drags it along for the ride.

Gwendydd45 (verified owner)

Amending my 1st review. 1st spray cheesecake is the major top note you get a berry scent it doesn’t become clear its strawberry until after 30seconds. Stryrax (benzoin) has a sticky,syrupy vanilla scent it helps keep the whip cream,sandalwood & vanilla notes together like glue. Vanilla acts as a carrier to keep fragile strawberry 🍓 with the fragrance to the drydown. Last about 4 hrs on skin but on clothing its at least 8hrs.

vanilla bean (verified owner)

Not bad, but not a favorite. I will agree with another reviewer that mentioned the opening is like cough syrup because i definitely get that as well. and It is VERY VERY VERY BERRY. I’m glad I went with the 30 ml and not 50ml on this one because I don’t love it enough to purchase again, like some others from dapper (vanilla dream, bianco latte, cherosa 71).

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