Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit


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Notes Of Ginger,Nutmeg,Cinnamon,Caramel,Vanilla,Tonka,Hazelnut

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5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball, 20ml refillable gold travel sprayer

Reviews 7

7 reviews for Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit

Mheenan1 (verified owner)

Sweet/spicy gourmand. I had this once upon a time in my collection of JM’s and refused to ever buy it again because of the performance. For that alone Dapper gets the W. This is a nice clone of the OG that will be perfect for layering with a strong vanilla like Vanilla dream or Tihota to give it a bakery spice vibe sans a buttery note. For sure this one can be worn on its own without fading. I sprayed 3 sprays on my shoulder and could still smell it 6hrs later. I also want to layer this with Mula or Chronic xtreme to see if I can pull a Minnie-ish scent with a bad girl twist.

Stefanie (verified owner)

Omggg this smells like Christmas in a bottle and I am absolutely in gourmand heaven! Performance hands down blows the original by Jo Malone way out of the water. She’s not beast mode, but projection is moderate as this creates a wonderful scent bubble that lingers throughout the day. I sprayed myself at 5:30 pm and woke up the next morning still able to smell it ever so faintly on my wrists and now, almost 24 hours later, I’m still catching a whiff of it on my jacket as I move around. They even added 2 samples that were both amazing. Now, THIS is where I’m extra impressed. I had a question about my order and someone from their team reached out to me within 5 minutes. It was the most pleasant customer service experience I have ever encountered & they were extremely nice. That alone instantly made me a repeat customer. Love this perfume, love Dapper even more. Overall, 10/10 Xoxo


I received a sample and was obsessed!! love sweet cents! gives gingerbread thats warm and fresh! love it!

June (verified owner)

Came back for a full bottle because girl this stuff is so good!!!!!!!!!!! I smelled the original in-store, the dapper version is much stronger! If you’re worried about smelling like a ginger shot, don’t be, it smells so much more expensive then the scent from bath and body works too! (verified owner)

This was another blind buy for me that I got from watching YouTuber’s channel. This is probably my favorite scent of the five fragrances I bought. It is a perfect ginger gourmand scent that lasts long on my skin. Perfect seasonal scent and I got it in time for some of the holidays. I will definitely buy a bigger bottle if needed next season. Love it!

Tress (verified owner)

Love this version of giver biscuit. It’s almost exactly the same as the original but lasts 10x as long as is slightly more gourmand. This is what the original should smell like, definitely a very good realistic cookie smell, like biscoff or gingersnaps. Take it to another level by layering with a strong vanilla body oil and lotion.

vanilla bean (verified owner)

Never smelled the original but this really smells like the name. I smell like a ginger cookie. To me this is very airy and light. I love pairing this with more heavy vanillas to balance them out. This is not my favorite from dapper. I loveeeee bianco latte and vanilla dream by dapper the most. But this is definitely still a like.

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