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Reviews 13

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Notes ,Vanilla bean, musks

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5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball, 20ml in gold travel sprayer

Reviews 13

13 reviews for Indult Tihota


If you’re looking for THEE BEST Tihota dupe out there then look no further! Ive tried many dupes and this is by far the most accurate, the most potent, long lasting alternative to Tihota that Ive yet to try. I have the og and I pair them together to increase longevity and I promise there is no difference. It’s seriously so good, I love it! Don’t hesitate, you need this one!

Malia (verified owner)

it’s such a sweet, straight up sugary vanilla. i love this one!! i have the eg dupe as well and had to get another kind so i don’t use it all up and this one will for sure be loved and used daily!! (verified owner)

Not Tihota but she’s still amazing – not musky or creamy like the original Tihota, much sweeter, but she still gives! And that’s why I have the biggest dent!

Ashley (verified owner)

This is it!!! This is the one!! Do not hesitate.

Sugary, Musky Vanilla and the dry down is artwork!

Sierra (verified owner)

I bought a 30ml a few months ago and I’ll need to repurchase soon!! I have plenty of events but I reach for this one often. Smells so heavenly and lasted nicely even in summer heat. Excited to see how well it performs in winter. I impulse bought this and several others, none disappointed me and shipping/customer service was impeccable! I highly recommend this brand.

nsamm2011 (verified owner)

I try to get my hands on ALL the vanillas I can! This one is so beautiful. It’s a simple sugary vanilla, but it’s not immature at all! So pretty.

Lori (verified owner)

This smells amazing, it’s sugary sweet, a little powdery on the dry down and it reminds me of vanilla lace that was discontinued by Victoria secrets but a more mature version. This smells amazing, if you’re a vanilla lover this is for you!!!

Melisa (verified owner)

This smells exactly like the original and actually lasts longer. This is the kind of perfume that settles into the skin and stays there. People want to hug me when I wear it, vanilla and musk- such perfect elegant simplicity. One of my favorites. I bought the 15 mil to try and am back again to get the 60 mil. Gorgeous!

boluwatifee (verified owner)

My favourite perfume oil in my entire collection! It smells so good on it’s own and layers incredibly well with other fragrances. I can’t wait to add more scents from Dappers to my collection!!

vanilla bean (verified owner)

I don’t know how this compares to the original but to me it is a very simple vanilla. i really like it and its easy to layer with other things. I usually love the sillage and longevity of dapper but this one sits very close to skin on me. still love it though 🙂 but i prefer some others from dapper like vanilla dream and bianco latte

Mardell (verified owner)

I fell in love with this fragrance after sampling a small vial of the original. I’m very pleased with this offering. It stays strong for a good five hours and then turns into a skin scent. That is fine with me because I usually like to change up my fragrances.

Sheila melchiorre

This is a heavenly vanilla- love this so much, will definitely repurchase this lovely scent

Brooke Caldwell (verified owner)

Definitely not indult tihota. Very disappointed. I’m a fan of all things vanilla but this doesn’t even come close at all… Guess I’ll be spending the $200 for the real thing.

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