Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte


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Reviews 37

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Top note is Caramel; middle notes are Coumarin and Honey; base notes are Vanilla and White Musk

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5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 1/3 Oz pure oil roller ball, 20ml refillable gold travel sprayer

Reviews 37

37 reviews for Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte

This perfume is a delightful blend of vanilla, staying true to the original but elevating it to new heights. It’s a captivating scent that’s simply wonderful.

Alyssa Bowen (verified owner)

Smells identical!!! I was so surprised and thrilled!!! Need a bigger bottle asap! So creamy!

A (verified owner)

Smells exactly like Dulce by Rosie Jane which is a close dupe of Bianco Latte! Waiting on the original Bianco Latte to come in the mail to compare to the original but this smells incredible and lasts for hours 🥰 A sweet, creamy, fluffy vanilla reminiscent of dipping sugar cookies into milk without being nauseatingly lactonic. A LOVE. Ordering the 100ml and the oil when I run out of the smaller size

Amelia.Aroma (verified owner)

the sweet caramel! the honey drizzle! the creamy vanilla with white musk! to die for!!! Amazing dupe, only my second day of trying it out, but its lasting long! I love this! Bianco Latte is my new favorite vanilla profile, followed by Tihota and Escapade Gourmande

Afaf Abdur-Rahman (verified owner)

Dappers version of Bianco Latte is a gourmand girlies dream! If you are still searching for your signature scent this Fall/Winter, look no further! The Sweet, creamy, vanilla and caramel goodness from this perfume will make you feel confident in any room you walk in. And let’s not forget about the longevity and sillage… chefs kiss to this one! 😍

Ashley (verified owner)

Absolutely stunning. I have a sample of the original & it’s spot on, wow!!

missie643 (verified owner)

Had to have it. Was not sure if it would meet up to the originals creamy dreamy standard but sure enough Dapper never fails me. Beautiful, long lasting layered cocoa powder and whipped cream cloud!

Ayak Rihan (verified owner)

This smells very good, I’m pleasantly surprised. It smells like a dessert, like a sweet powdery donut and it projects well while not being too dense or thick. I love it! Definitely repurchasing.

Dominique Goode (verified owner)

What a creamy delicious delight! Goddd I am addicted to this fragrance and NEVER have smelled the original Bianco Latte, but this itself is an amazing fragrance! I would repurchase this fragrance and wear it year round! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

EW (verified owner)

The best milky gourmand creation EVERRRRR!!!! So incredibly excited to have this in my collection, A forever staple!!

Walkbysmell (verified owner)

Ordered after trying a sample ! Reminds me of a warm bakery


OMG! It smells like a frosted sugar cookie and coffee shop at the same time! I love it. Not too overpowering. But overpowering enough to catch someone’s attention. I constantly kept sniffing my arm because of how obsessed I was with it. Perfect for the fall and winter. Tempted to wear it in the spring and summer too.

Elizabeth Dampier (verified owner)

The previous comment from A said it perfect: “A sweet, creamy, fluffy vanilla reminiscent of dipping sugar cookies into milk without being nauseatingly lactonic.” This is in fact one of the most gorgeous, hype worthy scents I’ve ever smelled. For some reason I thought with the notes I would’ve smelled something like it before but it’s one of a kind and a true MUST HAVE!

Samantha (verified owner)

Dapper really outdone it with this one!! Smells so good 98% Identical to the original long lasting as well. My only complaint would be the original is heavier in silage but overall this is a 10 out of 10!!

Detman101 (verified owner)

This is SUCH a beautiful fragrance. Awesome for standalone wear, awesome for layering, such a perfect gourmand fragrance! IF this gets a 100ml bottle at a lower price than the original…there will be NO BETTER choice!!
Volume sales = RICH!

Jacqueline Valdez (verified owner)

Beautiful. The 30ml didn’t leak but the travel Spray did so I would recommend getting the insurance. I got the Bianco Latte and Escapade Gourmande (the spray was EG and it was super crystallized).


smells better than the original! sweet but not as cloying

Rachel Ganus (verified owner)

I broke down and bought a sample of Bianco latte and completely fell in love with it. The issue is Christmas is right around the corner and I could not justify 150 plus dollars for a bottle of it right now. I heard a lot of good things about this dupe so I went ahead and tried it since it would cost me less than half the price and could have cried when I smelled this dupe because it’s so good!
Honestly I don’t even know if anyone would be able to tell the difference between the two of them side by side

This is THE fragrance that I have been looking for.

Roshelle (verified owner)

I don’t know how the original Bianco Latte smells but I get a sweet vanilla that smells amazing. I didn’t get creamy fluffy vanilla or caramel but hey maybe it’s the batch but it’s definitely worth a try

Bidemi (verified owner)

Ooooh my goodness. I’ve heard dapperfragrence version is very similar to the OG. I have not smelled the original but good heavens. This is a dreeeam. Very creamy, not too sweet vanilla honey. I cannot wait for this to be my stable for winter. Getting a 50ml asap.

Raspberry (verified owner)

I love this fragrance so much!!! Its everything a gourmand lover wants and needs. Its very creamy and has great projection and performance.

Natalie Gleyze (verified owner)

Honestly the smell is spot on, I have a sample of the actual bianco latte and it smells exactly the same. I think the biggest disappointment is that it doesn’t last as long as other people are saying it does.


Smells amazing. The projection and long gravity is 10 stars. I am officially a fan. I can stop smelling my self.

Zhandell Strozier (verified owner)

i have been hearing & hearing & hearing & heaarring about this fragrance on perfumetok & i finally got my hands on it . first of all , the website has so much more variety than i thought as this was my first purchase . the shipping was actually pretty fast which i appreciate ! the smell is amaazinnggg . it does smell like a very soft , sweet but not too sweet , fluffy vanilla cookie or cake . i had did a small spray on my wrist a while ago and can still smell it . it’s very warm & comforting as well . a beautifully done fragrance . i have not smelt the original , but this is definitely 10/10 .

Dany (verified owner)

Smells so good!

Alicia E (verified owner)

It smells pretty much Identical but it is a little sweeter, like there was a drop of the Hilde Solani “creme di latte’ but it’s not synthetic at all! Creamy and sweet and I’m obsessed with my sample, If you like the OG this is blind buy safe! Caramel- Vanilla-y with sweet milky foam (I’m not a perfume expert haha)

Kisha (verified owner)

I’m in love the best perfume I have ever smelled it projects beautifully the longevity was long lasting I have brought this twice I think I just need to get the big bottle

ashleeyss (verified owner)

I wasn’t going to write a review on this as I was testing it out, however, I HAD to come on here and tell you all that this is identical to the actual bianco latte. I got this version first and finally got my hands on the real version today. When I first sprayed the original it was exactly like my dapper version!!! I’m usually skeptical of dupes but this is spot on. Both smell phenomenal, I would say just to save yourself a couple bucks 🥰

Des (verified owner)

I got a sample of the original and loved it, however that price tag wasn’t justified given how short a life span it had on me. I found Dapper’s version and boy am I glad. Sure I don’t have the cute bottle but 35$ vs 150$? When this one preforms much better? No contest. Smells delicious and like the original.

jocelynpatrice (verified owner)

THE ABSOLUTE BEST Vanilla I’ve ever smelled! I get so many compliments with it alone and it layers well with just about everything!

Taj (verified owner)

This is hands down my favorite vanilla in my collection. It’s so creamy, sweet and delicious. I adore it. It last at least 8 hours on my clothes and skin and my husband always notices when I’m wearing it. I am almost finished with my 15 ml bottle and getting ready to order the largest size. Would LOVE this in a 100 ml. It’s incredible!!!

Taj (verified owner)

BTW, I tried to give my review 5 stars but it’ only noted 4. Make no mistake this is 5 STAR worthy.

vanilla bean (verified owner)

I wanted to wait before giving a review because I wanted to compare it to the real bianco latte.
I have had this for about a month or 2 and i have to say the actual smell of this first spray is IDENTICAL to bianco latte, at least to me.
They smell spot on however, bianco latte gives a different experience as it is very strong sillage. I mean with the real bianco latte i can smell this just fluffy creaminess like a whipped condensed milk in the air all around me with every breath i take. Dappers fragrances to me are beautiful and very long lasting. Usually they last for 8 hours or more and overnight if I wear them to bed, but it is not strong. I can still smell it when I move around and such but they are still on the softer side imo (except creme de la berry that one is the strongest one of theirs that i have tried).
So overall, is bianco latte better? yes. but is this close? the scent itself is identical but it does not have the same fluffy cloud that surrounds you.

Kristi Byrd (verified owner)

I ordered a decant of Bianco Latte but hefty price was preventing me from ordering it. I heard about Dapper’s version and thought I’d order a 5ml. to compare. I wore Dapper on one arm and Bianco Latte on the other. The smell is identical but the Dapper version actually had better performance in terms of longevity and silage. I’ve received compliments every time I’ve worn it. A larger bottle is in my near future. This fragrance is amazing!

Angela (verified owner)

This smells SO GOOD. I don’t think anything can beat this imitation, it is nearly identical to the original and has great projection and lasting powder!

Nicolle (verified owner)

This is probably one of the best smelling fragrances I have smelled in a very long time and let me tell you I have purchased a ton within the last year. This smells very memory triggering. Incredibly naustalgic (sp). Very very happy with my blind buy!

Keyra (verified owner)

Love love love the perfume oil. It smells SO good and projects for hours. I really enjoy it. It smells like Dulce by Rosie Jane but better.

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