Dapper Fragrances

     Dapper Fragrances is a clone house, offering high quality formulations of favorite designer and niche fragrances for men and women at affordable prices.                               

     You don't have to be rich to smell like a million bucks -- Wear Dapper!

     Travis Gearhart, Owner



You don't have to be rich to smell like a million bucks.  Wear Dapper!

Travis Gearhart
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California

Dapper is a level up. They made a big impression on me with their formulations. They smell more delectable. I love Dapper!


I wanted to get in touch with you again regarding my last order from you. I would like to tell you what an excellent job you are doing with Dapper. I am very, very impressed with your products. When I tested Layton and Angelique Noir, I could hardly believe how similar these products are to the original. I am really impressed!Thanks for these great products. :-)Greetings Adrian